Try our delicious tasting menu!


37,50 Euros/Pax

All to share:

Skewered prewns and squid

Ham wrapped in peppers

Brie cheese delight with tomato marmalade and “jalapeños” peppers

Assorted lettuce and grilled goat cheese with a red berry vinaigrette

Korean small dumplings with sweet chilly sauce

Hamburgers with turkish spices

“Surimi” and prawn risotto


41,50 Euros/Pax

Starters, To share:

Burrata cheese with skinned tomato and basil oil

Tuna sashimi

Scrambled eggs with assorted mushrooms

Main courses, to choose:

Grilled beef garnished rump steak from “Ávila”

Hamburgers with Turkish spices

Fresh hake ( Ask us about we cook it today)


50,50 euros/Pax

Starters, To share:

Candien and grilled artichokes with pinions and a touch of mild honey

Grilled majored cheese with “mojo rojo” sauce

Grilled octopus with guacamole and traditional mashed potatoes

Main courses, to choose:

Grilled beef “filet mignon” from Ávila with “PX” sauce

Cod fish loin with garlic and black pudding from Burgos

Grilled “yellow finn”tuna crusted with sesame and poppy seeds and garnished with caramelized peppers

French Hamburgers with grilled goat cheese and caramelized onions

In all the menus is included the drinks and assorted desserts
(ask about the wines). The coffee is not included!